This is the Purley Beeches Residents Association website.  It is being used to distribute useful information during the Covid-19 situation that might be of interest to all the residents of Purley on Thames.  Any voluntary organisation within Purley on Thames can ask to have information posted that they consider might be of interest to the residents of the village.

Contact the Webmaster via email address if you wish information published .  The decision to publish will be at the absolute discretion of the Webmaster.

Purley Residents Support Committee

The PRSC is providing information and creating self-help groups for the village.  Have a look at their Facebook page at Purley Residents Support Committee .  You probably will need to register for Facebook, if you don't have an account already, and request access to their closed user group.

Alternatively you can email them via email address if you wish more information.

Latest News

Recycling Centres to open
West Berkshire Council’s Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) are set to reopen to allow residents the opportunity to dispose of waste and recycling that cannot be safely stored at home. This follows publication by the government of updated guidance indicating that visits to recycling centres can be considered essential under certain conditions.
From Thursday 14 May both of our recycling centres, which are located at Newtown Road in Newbury and Padworth Lane, near Aldermaston, will be reopened. The sites were closed temporarily on 24 March following announcements by the government of lockdown restrictions. In order to manage demand, a booking system is in place and you will not be able to simply turn up at the recycling centres.

Follow this link for more information.

Phishing Emails.   Be very careful.  There is a report on the BBC website that there is a huge increase in phishing email related to Covid-19. See .  For more information on how to deal with phishing emails see .

Purley Parish News.  As a result of coronavirus and lockdown, the usual delivery of Purley Parish News is not currently possible. Instead, for the immediate future, the magazine will be made available online at  Note for PPN subscribers:  The April issue would usually be the first of the new subscription year but, this year, the money will be collected a little later than usual.  The cost for 2020/21 will remain £5.00 for ten issues.  If you have any queries, please see the contact list at the front of the online magazine.

Purley on Thames Parish Council now have an Activities page on their website.

Mandatory MOTs will be reinstated as from the 1st August 2020.  If your vehicle needs an MOT which you have delayed arranging due to the temporay extension then you now need to book an MOT.

West Berkshire - Information for residents about the coronavirus pandemic

Activities while at home

Remember if using a computer or games station at home, to take plenty of breaks.  It very easy to become absorbed in what you are watching and forget the time.

For Kids

For Adults

Why not learn a new language for free.  See the Duolingo website.  They even offer Klingon!

For the more highbrow amongst us, have a look at the Curious Minds website.  They offer all sorts of things such as Broadcasts from the Met Opera, Oxford Mathematics Institute Public lectures, latest on scientific research at Oxford and more.  There is also the Google Arts & Culture website which has some interesting items to browse.

Contacting people while at home

The are lots of ways that you can maintain face to face contact friends and relatives while you are at home for free.  Here are a few.  All need an internet connection.

Computer Scams

Be careful as there are several scam emails about the Coronavirus that purport to come from official organisations like WHO (World Health Organisation), HMRC, etc. which ask you to click on links are currently circulating. These links will either take you to phishing websites that will extract your personal and/or banking details, or download malicious software. Never trust what you are told in an email without separately confirming it (but not through any information in the email) and definitely do not click on any links. More information can be found on this BBC webpage.